Intermountain NYC 2019

NYC Registration Form 

Please collect the following information from both students and adult sponsors so we can send them an activation code so they can register for NYC 2019. We recommend some type of deposit ($10) to get your name "on the list." Once a student or adult registers for NYC that church will be held responsible for the registration fee.  

Adult Sponsors

All adults going on NYC 2019 have to both complete Nazarene Safe and the district background check. For more information about Nazarene safe click the button below. 

Payment Information

Below are two payment forms to help you track payments from participants within your group as well as church payments to the district. Please fill out the church payment form every time you send in a check, filling out ALL of the information. 

Send Home Policy 

All participants (students and sponsors) must sign a complete the send home policy by February 15, 2019