Intermountain NYC 2019

NYC 2019

Dates: July 10-16, 2019

Cost: $1775


Registration process

NYC 2019 the district as well as the general church are streamlining communication and the registration process. Students and adults will register through an online database that will register them for both the Intermountain district as well as for the actual NYC event. Having the ability to register online will allow an individual to update their own information when information changes. For example: because individuals sign up for NYC almost a year in advance, medical as well as allergy information might change during that time.

Attached are a couple of documents that will be helpful for the registration process. 

Registration FAQ

Registration Process 

Intermountain FAQ's

As we get more information about NYC 2019 we will keep you updated. In the meantime we tried to be as proactive as possible and answer as many questions ahead of time. Attached you will find a list of frequently asked questions. 

Intermountain FAQ'S



Planning pieeces

The following attachments are designed to help you in the planning for your local group. Please note the deadlines within these planning pieces. 

Planning Piece 1

Planning Timeline